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Poxipol transparent glue 70 ml., 1 pcs.


Glue Poxipol:

  • 2 components;
  • suitable for the manufacture of handicrafts and jewelry;
  • does not change the colour of the product;
  • there is no sharp smell;
  • transparent;
  • in just 10 minutes*;
  • 70 ml;
  • 1 pack.

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Country of origin: Uruguay

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POXIPOL® adhesive adhesion is strong and durable.
POXIPOL® is a two-component adhesive that is easy to prepare and use.
They can be used with many materials such as: metal, cement, fajans, wood, marble, plastic, glass, concrete, fibrous cement materials, ceramics, granite, porcelain.
Due to its durability, it is ideal for repairing at home, workshops, cars. Perfect for the manufacture of subsodies and needlework.


  1. The surfaces of the parts that you want to glue must be: clean, dry, degreased. It is recommended to shoot shiny and very smooth surfaces.
  2. *The glue is adhesion in just 10 minutes, but in full harden within 24 hours*
  3. Before the glue is hardened - they can be ironed or give the desired shape with a spatula or blade, before it is recommended to moisten them with water.
  4. Never mix the packaging lids.
  5. Use of POXIPOL®:
  6. Squeeze the component A and B in equal proportions
  7. Poxipol klijų naudojimas
  8. Mix components with each other
  9. IMPORTANT. Apply the glue within 5 minutes after mixing.
  10. After use, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.
  11. To properly glue plastic materials - follow this procedure:
    1. Wipe the surface with acetone or alcohol. At the beginning, try to clean a small area before cleaning the entire surface so that the surface does not change the color or structure.
    2. Remove the surface with a small sandpaper.
    3. Wipe the surface again with the above liquids.
    4. Apply glue.
  12. IMPORTANT POXIPOL® does not stick to polyethylene, polypropylene and teflon.
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