Loyalty points, what is it?

Loyalty points are awarded to each registered user when purchasing items for which loyalty points are awarded. After you pay the invoice and confirm that you have received the items, these points can be used for the next shopping with a discount code.

How are points calculated?

  • each euro you have spent on goods is equal to 1 point;
  • 1 point equal to 0,10 Eur .;
  • 5% of the purchased goods return to you;
  • Such as. 5 Eur will return to you for 0.10 Eur.

How do I convert points to euros?

  • The order status must be "Order delivered", the status must be changed yourself by clicking on the "Parcel Received!" button, which you will find after the order has been exploded;

  • When you open my loyalty points, you will see a table showing your receipt, pending confirmation, and loyalty points that have already been converted;
  • You can accumulate or convert points to coupons at once;
  • You can only use coupons 14 days after you confirm that you have received the shipment, which is the period during which you can still return the goods.


Yes (except during Black Friday, Christmas discounts)
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